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Aluminum wire

Aluminum Wire Field of Application

Aluminum wire is used in many industries primarily due to its relatively high electrical conductivity and low cost. Although aluminum wire is inferior to copper wire in terms of electrical conductivity, this disadvantage is compensated by the low price of aluminum wire. But aluminum wire is used not only for the production of wires, cables, busbars and other electrical products. It also has a lot of advantages, including corrosion resistance, high ductility, low weight and fairly high strength. Aluminum wire is widely used in other industries - it is used for the manufacture of clips used in the food industry, various kinds of rivets, aluminum wire is used for metallization of surfaces, this wire is used as a welding wire.

Aluminum Wire Assortment

Aluminum wire is produced in a wide range and differs both in its chemical composition, which determines its physical properties, and in the scope of its use. One of the main types of aluminum wire is a raw material for the manufacture of wires, cables and other conductive products. Another broad industry for which aluminum wire is produced is the welding of aluminum and alloys based on it. Due to the availability of a wide range of aluminum welding wire, it is possible to build various structures from light and strong aluminum alloys using welding to connect various structural elements. Another class of aluminum wire is wire for the manufacture of bolts, screws, rivets and other products intended for operation without significant loads.

Requirements for Aluminum Wire

The requirements for aluminum wire differ depending on the type of aluminum wire in question. In the case of welding aluminum wire, the most important properties are the uniformity of the composition, which ensures the uniformity of welding, the chemical composition of the wire, and other factors that affect the quality of welding operations performed using aluminum wire. If we are talking about the wire from which fittings and fasteners are made, the strength of the alloy from which aluminum wire is made comes to the fore. And for the wire from which cables, wires and other electrical products are produced, the most important parameter is the electrical conductivity of aluminum wire.

How to Buy Aluminum Wire?

You can buy aluminum wire from any manufacturer or supplier of this type of product, the main thing is that he provides all the necessary documents confirming the high quality of the products sold. The price of aluminum wire may vary depending on its chemical composition, type, purpose, the amount of wire you are going to buy and many other factors. Fortunately, given the many offers of aluminum wire on the rolled metal market, you can always choose the best product option and buy aluminum wire at a good price.