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Spring wire

Spring Wire Field of Application

Spring wire is used for the manufacture of various types of springs and other metal products from wire, for which its spring properties are important. Spring wire is used for the manufacture of various products such as studs, clamps and much more. Depending on the type of spring wire, it can be used for winding springs without subsequent heat treatment or subsequent tempering to improve the spring properties of products. For the manufacture of springs and other similar products, spring wire without a protective coating is usually used. A wide field of application of spring wire is the manufacture of modern barbed wire - Egoza razor wire, in which spring wire is used as a core. In the case of using spring wire, only zinc coated spring wire is used as a raw material for the production of razor wire.

Spring Wire Assortment

Spring wire is made of high carbon steel with high strength and spring properties. Such wire can be produced both without preliminary heat treatment and with it. Spring wire can be produced without a protective coating, coated with a protective layer of oil or galvanized. Zinc coated spring wire is designed for operation in difficult conditions, an example of such use is Egoza razor wire, which is operated under round-the-clock weather conditions. In addition, a phosphate coating can be used to protect the spring wire from moisture.

Requirements for Spring Wire

The main requirement for spring wire is its high spring properties, i.e. the ability to restore its original shape after exposure to an external load. This ability of this wire makes it possible to manufacture various springs and other products of a similar purpose from such a wire. The spring properties of the wire are determined by the high carbon content, and can also be enhanced by preliminary or subsequent heat treatment of the wire or products made from it. In addition to spring properties, such a wire is characterized by high tensile strength, which is about 1600 N/mm2 or more. In the case of the operation of spring wire in harsh conditions under the influence of aggressive environments, another requirement for this wire appears - the presence of a protective zinc or phosphate coating to protect the wire from corrosion.

How to Buy Spring Wire?

You can buy spring wire from most suppliers who sell different types of wire. Before you buy spring wire, you should decide what kind of wire you need - uncoated, galvanized, heat-treated, oil-coated or not, as well as wire packaging options. Spring wire is usually supplied in coils, spools or coils - you will have to choose the most convenient package of spring wire for use in your production.