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Concertina wire

Concertina Wire Field of Application

Concertina wire, or a concertina security barrier, is made of Egoza razor wire and is designed to protect a protected area from intruders, attempts to steal property and other similar purposes. Concertina wire is an accordion of coils of razor wire connected in several places to each other along the entire length of the coil of wire. Such a construction of a security barrier made of razor wire is the most common all over the world and allows you to reliably protect the territory fenced with concertina wire. Concertina wire can be installed on any fences and barriers, on the roofs and walls of buildings, as well as on the ground in one or more rows in the form of a fence or a pyramid.

Concertina wire is used to protect the territory of a wide variety of objects - from private property to the state border. The concertina wire installed over the fence will not allow intruders to enter the territory of a private house, and the fence of several spirals of concertina wire installed at the border will prevent illegal migrants, smugglers and other unwanted visitors from entering the territory of the state.

Concertina wire for fencing a protected area can be used both in the form of individual spirals and as part of more complex security barriers. There are options for using a double concertina wire, when one concertina is located inside the other - in this case, a much more effective razor wire barrier is obtained than a single concertina wire. In addition, by combining concertina wire spirals of various diameters, it is possible to create a highly effective barrier of any design, height and length.

Concertina Wire Assortment

The assortment of concertina wire is quite wide, for ordinary sellers of this product it is calculated in units or dozens of positions, while the leading manufacturers of concertina wire can offer tens and hundreds of different positions of this wire, differing in various parameters and intended for use in various conditions. The main parameters that determine the various types of concertina wire are the type and parameters of the razor wire from which the concertina wire is made, the diameter of the concertina coil, the number of staples connecting adjacent coils of concertina wire, and the length to which the concertina coil can be stretched without reducing its protective properties.

Most types of concertina wire are made from the most common razor wire, which has a core diameter of 2.2-2.5 mm with various blade shapes. Such a core thickness makes it possible to produce an effective concertina wire with a coil diameter of approximately 400 to 800 mm, smaller diameters do not make practical sense, and when trying to make a concertina of a larger diameter from such barbed wire, they lead to a sharp decrease in the rigidity and springiness of the entire structure, and how the consequence is a decrease in the durability and efficiency of the concertina wire.

In the product range of some manufacturers of concertina wire there are coils with a coil diameter of more than 2000 mm, but in this case razor wire with a core with a core diameter significantly larger than 2.5 mm should be used for the production of such barriers. Leading manufacturers of large-diameter concertina wire use for their production cutting wire with a core up to 5 mm, which provides high strength and spring properties for concertina wire with a diameter of up to 2500 mm inclusive.

Concertina Wire Requirements

The main criteria that determine the quality of the concertina wire are those of its technical characteristics that directly affect the strength and effectiveness of this razor-cut fence. First of all, it is important what razor wire is used to make concertina wire and whether it meets all the requirements for razor tape. But even if high-quality razor wire was used to make a concertina, there are still a number of parameters that determine the quality of a concertina wire.

Concertina wire, or a concertina security barrier, is a cylindrical structure made of coils of razor wire, which are interconnected by a certain number of clips. At the same time, there is a direct relationship - the larger the diameter of the concertina wire barrier, the thicker the razor wire used in the manufacture of the barrier should be, and the greater the number of connecting clips should be used. Only in this case will the high strength of the concertina wire and its ability to spring, and not be deformed under external influence and then restore its shape, be ensured.

It is worth dwelling on the connecting clips separately - they are the most important factor affecting the quality of the concertina wire, since it is the connecting clips that ensure the integrity of the structure of this fence. In addition to the fact that there should be a sufficient number of connecting clips, their design and strength should ensure that the concertina wire structure cannot be quickly destroyed by destroying the connecting clips. The optimal design of the connecting clip is a flat clip made of sheet steel, having elements at the ends that enter the lock when it is compressed. And it is quite natural that the connecting clips should be made of zinc coated steel to avoid corrosion during the operation of the concertina wire.

How to Buy Concertina Wire?

To buy concertina wire, you can choose one of the suppliers of this product, of course, having previously sorted out its characteristics and area of reconciliation, and also comparing them with your needs for security barriers. Your best bet is to go directly to the manufacturer of the concertina wire, rather than to a number of sellers who sell similar products. A concertina manufacturer is able to provide all the necessary documents confirming the high quality of concertina wire and guarantee that its products will last for decades without loss of protective properties, which is far from always possible if you buy concertina wire from a random seller. If concertina wire is planned to be installed in one row on a fence or similar structure, and the purchase budget is limited, you can pay attention to a cheaper, but no less effective single coil razor wire, the price of which is lower than the price of concertina wire, and the protective properties are quite comparable.