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Steel wire

Steel Wire Field of Application

Steel wire is the most common type of wire and is used to make a wide variety of industrial products. The scope of steel wire is as wide as its range. Steel wire is used in almost all industries - springs and ropes, welded mesh and chain-link mesh, barbed and razor wire, sieves, nets and many other industrial and household goods are made from it. Speaking about the use of steel wire, it is difficult not only to list all the areas where it is used - it is difficult to find areas in which steel wire is not used.

Steel Wire Assortment

Among all types of wire, the widest range produced by the industry refers specifically to steel wire. Steel wire is made of various types, purposes, diameters, surface shapes, it differs in steel composition and coating, serves as a raw material for the production of various products, is used for welding metals or for bonding and packaging various products. Modern industry produces many types of steel wire:

Binding steel wire used for tying reinforcement in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products and structures, packaging of various products and many other purposes.

Rope steel wire serves as a raw material for the production of ropes for various purposes, and due to its high strength and spring properties, it is also used for the manufacture of barbed wire.

Welding steel wire is designed for welding using automatic or semi-automatic welding machines, various types of welding wire are produced by the industry.

Steel barbed wire is a wire with spikes wound around it and is used in agriculture for fencing the territory and creating pens for cattle.

Spring steel wire used for the manufacture of springs and other products for which the spring properties of the wire are important, for example, in the production of razor wire.

Steel razor wire is a means of engineering protection of the territory of protected objects from intruders and an effective means of protecting the state border from illegal migrants and other violators.

Zink coated steel wire is a whole group of different types of wire that have a zinc coating that protects the steel wire from corrosion and significantly extends the life of products made from zinc coated wire.

Stainless steel wire is not subject to corrosion, due to which it is hastily used in the chemical and food industries, in medicine and other human activities.

It is difficult to enumerate the entire range of steel wire - dozens of types and hundreds of varieties of steel wire is now produced.

Requirements for Steel Wire

Given the huge range of steel wire produced by the industry, there are simply no uniform requirements for steel wire. But for each type of steel wire separately, there are a number of requirements that it must satisfy. These requirements relate to the chemical composition of the steel from which the wire is made, the presence and thickness of the coating, the presence and degree of heat treatment, the surface condition and deviations from the specified parameters. All these requirements are spelled out with the relevant standards, which should be followed to determine the parameters of steel wire.

How to Buy Steel Wire?

It is not difficult to buy steel wire, given its huge assortment and the presence of many sellers of rolled metal products, including steel wire. The price of steel wire is also varied and may depend on its chemical composition, the presence and thickness of the coating, heat treatment, and even on the diameter of the wire itself. A wide range of this wire, produced by the industry, allows you to choose among many suppliers and buy steel wire at an attractive price.