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Copper wire

Copper Wire Field of Application

Copper wire is widely used in many industries due to its high electrical conductivity, ductility and other unique characteristics that are unique to copper wire. The scope of copper wire is very wide - it is used for the manufacture of various kinds of wires, cables, windings of electric motors, inductors and transformers, various parts of electrical appliances and much more are made from copper wire. Another wide area of application of copper wire is welding, welding copper wire is used to connect cast iron, copper and other metals. In addition, copper wire is used in the jewelry industry for the manufacture of jewelry, used for metallization of surfaces, various decorative items and other products are made from copper wire.

Copper Wire Assortment

The range of copper wire produced by the industry is quite wide - soft and hard copper wire is produced with or without enamel coating, from ordinary or oxygen-free copper, for communication lines, for the manufacture of wires and cables, as well as many other areas of its application. The main area of application of copper wire is electrical engineering, but also a significant proportion of the range of copper wire is copper welding wire. Depending on the purpose, copper wire can have different physical and chemical properties.

Requirements for Copper Wire

Depending on the area in which the copper wire is used, different requirements are imposed on it. For conductor products, high electrical conductivity is important, for the manufacture of jewelry and decorative products, the plasticity and strength of copper wire are in demand, and for welding copper wire, its chemical composition and ability to conduct uniform high-quality welding of metals are important. For this reason, there are no uniform requirements for copper wire produced by modern industry - only its technical characteristics related to a specific area of application of copper wire is regulated.

How to Buy Copper Wire?

You can buy copper wire by contacting one of the many suppliers of similar products that are widely represented on the rolled metal market. But, given the relatively high price of copper wire compared to aluminum wire and other types of wire, it is worthwhile to carefully study the rolled metal market in order to buy copper wire at the best price without compromising quality.