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Razor wire

Razor Wire Field of Application

Razor wire is intended for fencing protected objects of various types and purposes and helps to prevent penetration or interferes with leaving the protected area. Previously, ordinary barbed wire was used for these purposes, but at present, reinforced razor tape or Egoza razor wire is used to protect the perimeter of protected objects. Surpassing ordinary barbed wire in all characteristics, barbed wire is a more effective means of protection, allowing you to reliably protect the territory of objects fenced with it. The high strength of the razor wire allows it to be used as a more effective replacement for ordinary barbed wire, installing it on fences and buildings in one or more strands. And although Egoza razor wire is used in the form of separate threads, the full potential of its protective properties is revealed to the maximum in the manufacture of protective razor wire obstacles from it - concertina wire or single coil razor wire. But, and as an independent means of protecting the perimeter, razor wire is quite effective.

Razor Wire Assortment

If we consider the range of razor wire available on the market for engineering perimeter protection systems, at first glance, the choice will seem quite wide. The industry of different countries produces reinforced razor tape, or razor wire, which has blades of various shapes and sizes, located at different pitches. On the market of security systems, barbed wire is available with blades from 10 to 65 mm long, shaped like a trapezoid, a trapezoid with a rounded base, a multi-element trapezoid, etc.

On closer examination, it turns out that most positions of barbed wire differ little from each other in terms of the main parameters that affect its strength, efficiency and durability - the core diameter of the razor wire and the thickness of the steel from which the razor tape is made. Therefore, despite the differences in the shape of the razor wire blades, for most manufacturers, its assortment is reduced, in fact, to a single position. And only rare manufacturers produce a truly wide range of razor wire, made on the basis of steel wire of various diameters and rolled steel of various thicknesses, optimally suited for a particular type of razor wire.

Requirements for Razor Wire

Like any other means of engineering perimeter protection, razor wire is subject to standard requirements - high strength, durability and effectiveness of perimeter protection. These parameters are influenced by both the materials used in the production of razor wire and the features of its production technology.

The strength of razor wire is given by a core made of steel wire. For quality razor wire, it is important that the core is made of high carbon wire, which is much more difficult to bite than low carbon. The additional strength of the razor wire is provided by the thickness of the metal used to make the cutting tape, but in this case the strength is more about the strength of the blades of the razor wire than the entire product as a whole. The strength of the razor wire blades is also ensured by their shape - the blades with rounded bases are most resistant to external loads, and the blades with sharp corners at the base break off relatively easily from the main razor tape.

In order for razor wire to have a high durability, it must be made of zinc coated materials, as all its manufacturers do. But the durability of such a wire can be affected both by the density of the zinc coating, and its uniformity, and even by the technology of applying a protective zinc coating to the wire and coiled steel. With insufficient thickness or uneven zinc coating, razor wire will quickly rust and lose its protective properties. Regarding the method of applying zinc, it can be noted that the best quality of the zinc coating is provided by hot-dip zinc coating, i.e. by dipping wire or coiled steel into a bath of molten zinc.

The effectiveness of razor wire is ensured, first of all, by the use of not just high-carbon steel wire for its production, but steel wire with pronounced spring properties. Spring wire has such properties; rope wire can also be used for the production of razor wire. The effectiveness of the razor tape is also greatly influenced by the quality of the razor tape - its blades must have pointed ends that provide reliable engagement, and the edges of the blades must be sharp enough to cause cutting damage.

How to buy Razor Wire?

You can buy razor wire from any supplier of industrial goods. At the same time, it is better to pay attention not just to suppliers, but to manufacturers of this wire, moreover, specializing in engineering perimeter protection systems. In this case, the chance to buy high-quality razor wire is much higher than from a supplier selling nails, bolts, gabions, chain-link mesh and various hardware products. Turning to the manufacturer of razor wire, you can get not only high-quality products and a long-term guarantee, but also advice on the use of such a product, which is quite dangerous in operation.