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Rope wire

Rope Wire Field of Application

Rope wire has high strength and is used for the manufacture of ropes, cables and other similar products, which must have a high tensile strength. The industry produces various types of rope wire with different strength and ductility. Thus, ropes for cranes and other industrial equipment, hoists and elevators used in construction and the aviation industry are made from rope wire. Due to the high strength and spring properties that rope wire has due to its high carbon content, it is successfully used as a raw material for the production of Egoza razor wire, but in this case the rope wire must be zinc coated.

Rope Wire Assortment

Rope wire is produced in a wide range, the main difference between different types of rope wire is the steel grade from which the wire is made, or rather, the carbon content in the steel from which the rope wire is made. Depending on the field of application and purpose, rope wire can be made of steel with different carbon content. In addition, rope wire can be produced without any protective coating, or it can be produced galvanized to protect it from corrosion. The density of the zinc coating of the rope wire may also differ and depends on the future operating conditions of the ropes that will be made from such wire.

Requirements for Rope Wire

The main requirement for the rope wire is its high strength, while the tensile strength of the rope wire is at least 1400 N/mm2, and for high-strength ropes it can reach 2100 N/mm2 or more. In the case of a zinc coating, it should be a continuous layer of zinc, evenly distributed over the surface of the wire, while small sagging is acceptable. The density of the zinc coating depends on the requirements for the operation of the rope wire in specific conditions and can range from 20 g/m2 for ropes operating under normal conditions up to 250 g/m2 for ropes that will be operated in an aggressive environment, for example, in salty maritime climate.

How to Buy Rope Wire?

You can buy rope wire from most suppliers of other types of steel wire. Rope wire is usually supplied in coils or spools weighing up to 1.5 tons, which are packed in paper and polymer film, rope wire without zinc coating is additionally coated with a protective oil layer. The price of rope wire depends on the steel from which it is made, the presence of a protective zinc coating, as well as the diameter of the rope wire - the thinner the wire, the higher its price per unit mass. So large diameter rope wire can be bought at a lower price than thin rope wire.