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Single coil razor wire

Single Coil Razor Wire Field of Application

Single coil razor wire is Egoza razor wire, the coils of which are freely located along the fence or other fence, protecting the protected area from penetration or preventing attempts to leave it. In both cases, the razor spiral acts equally effectively, preventing the violator of the perimeter from overcoming this obstacle. Due to its high efficiency, single coil razor wire, along with concertina wire, has become widely used as a means of protecting a wide variety of household, commercial, industrial, special and military facilities.

The only drawback of the single coil razor wire is the impossibility of building pyramidal barriers from it - but a spiral security barrier or concertina wire is ideal for these purposes. But at the same time, single coil razor wire is cheaper than concertina wire, which compensates for this, almost the only, disadvantage of it. In all other cases, the single coil razor wire ire acts as efficiently as possible, and it can be installed on any type of fences, roofs and walls of buildings, as well as on other structures.

Single Coil Razor Wire Assortment

The range of single coil razor wire is quite wide, but not as wide as the range of concertina wire similar in purpose. This is due to the fact that there are no connecting clips in the design of the razor spiral, which give it additional rigidity and strength. Therefore, the manufacture of helical razor wire barriers with a diameter significantly exceeding 1 meter is technically impractical. The optimal range of diameters of the razor wire spiral lies in the range from 300-400 to 700-900 mm, in this case the razor spiral will provide maximum protective properties.

Requirements for Single Coil Razor Wire

Due to the absence of connecting clips, the strength and effectiveness of the single coil razor wire is affected only by the strength and mechanical properties of the barbed wire from which it is made. As the diameter of the razor spiral increases, more and more thick razor wire must be used for its production, otherwise sufficient strength and spring properties of this barrier will not be ensured.

The spring properties of the core of the razor wire used in the design of the single coil razor wire play a very important role, since only they determine the ability of the single coil razor wire to withstand impacts and not be crushed under their influence. A high-quality single coil razor wire should spring back and restore its original shape under external influence - only in this case the razor fence will last a long time without losing its protective properties. And it is quite natural that only zinc coated wire and zinc coated steel, which provide reliable protection against corrosion, should be used for the production of razor wire included in the design of the single coil razor wire.

How to Buy Single Coil Razor Wire?

You can buy single coil razor wire by contacting the same suppliers who sell similar engineered perimeter protection systems. Before you buy a razor spiral, you need to make sure that you need this particular type of razor fence. If you plan to install a single coil razor wire on a fence or similar structure, it is fine, but if you want to create a fence of several spirals of razor wire connected in a pyramid or similar design, it is better to buy concertina wire, which is better suited for this purpose. In any case, it is better to buy fences from their manufacturer who sells quality products than from many sellers who may have doubts about the quality of the single coil razor wire, even if the price of the single coil razor wire may turn out to be lower than that of its manufacturer, which may happen as a factor, indicating the low quality of this type of razor wire barrier.