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Zinc coated steel wire

Zink Coated Wire Field of Application

Zinc coated wire is one of the most common types of wall wire, such wire is protected by a zinc coating from moisture or the aggressive environment in which it is operated. Zinc coated wire is coated with zinc, which is resistant to corrosion, so this wire lasts much longer than steel wire without a protective coating. The scope of galvanized wire is very wide - a wide variety of products are made from it - from the handles of zinc coated buckets to cables and even the modern Egoza razor wire. In other words, zinc coated wire is used in all areas in which products from it have direct contact with moisture or are exposed to other aggressive environments. The protective zinc coating in this case significantly extends the service life of the steel wire, but in a situation where products made from it are operated in very harsh conditions, their service life is still reduced. For the most difficult operating conditions, it is better if not zinc coated, but stainless wire is used - such examples can be some types of ropes used on ships and the coast of the seas and oceans, razor wire, which protects ships from pirate attacks, as well as many other wire products that are used in marine salty climates, chemical plants and other difficult operating conditions.

Zinc Coated Wire Assortment

The range of zinc coated wire is very wide - almost all types of steel wire are available with zinc coating. Binding wire is produced zinc coated, spring and rope wires are covered with zinc to protect against corrosion, zinc coated barbed wire is produced for long-term operation, and razor wire is made only zinc coated. Zinc coated wire is produced for the manufacture of cables and ropes, gabions and chain-link mesh, for tying fittings and product packaging, for use in printing and other industries - it is difficult to enumerate the entire range of zinc coated wire. Zinc coating is used only for steel wire because it is prone to rust, but aluminum wire, copper wire, stainless wire and some other types already have high corrosion resistance and do not need additional protective zinc coating.

Requirements for Zinc Coated Wire

Since zinc coated wire is produced for use in harsher conditions than ordinary steel wire, and corrosion protection is provided by zinc coating, the main requirements are imposed on it. The main parameter characterizing the zinc coating of a wire is its density per square meter. Depending on the conditions under which the zinc coated wire will be used, the density of the zinc coating can vary within fairly large limits. So, for light operating conditions of zinc coated wire, a zinc coating with a density of 20-100 g/m2 is sufficient, for use in more severe conditions, a wire with a coating of 30-150 g/m2 is produced, and for the most severe conditions, a wire coated with zinc with a density of 60-250 g/m2. Such a division according to the density of the zinc coating is very arbitrary, given that various types of zinc coated wire are produced for use in specific conditions, and not everything is reduced only to the density of the zinc coating of the wire.

Speaking of zinc coating, it is worth noting that there are several technologies for the production of zinc coated wire, each of which allows zinc coating of different quality even with comparable density. The main technologies for the manufacture of zinc coated wire are drawing, galvanization and hot dip zinc coating. It is the latter method of applying zinc to steel wire that makes it possible to obtain the highest quality zinc coating, which is most resistant to moisture or aggressive environments. Galvanization provides a lower quality zinc coating of the wire, and the hauling of an already zinc coated wire of a larger diameter into a smaller one cannot compete with other methods of manufacturing zinc coated wire in terms of the quality of the zinc coating.

How to Buy Zinc Coated Wire?

Buying zinc coated wire is easy - there are many offers of zinc coated wire of various types on the market at a wide variety of prices. But before buying, you need to decide on the type of zinc coated wire, and most importantly - with the requirements for the quality of the zinc coating, since the price of zinc coated wire depends significantly on its quality and density. The price of zinc coated wire is significantly affected by the density of the zinc coating and the technology of its application. The highest quality zinc coated wire is steel wire, on which zinc is applied by hot dip zinc coating, but the price of such wire is also the highest. In order not to overpay and buy zinc coated wire required for specific purposes, it is best to study the entire steel wire market and make a choice based on the principle of price-quality ratio of zinc coated wire.