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Barbed wire

Barbed Wire Field of Application

Barbed wire is intended for fencing the territory and is mainly used in agriculture for creating fences, erecting pens for livestock and making other fences necessary for farming. Previously, barbed wire was widely used as a means of protecting the territory from intruders, fencing security and military facilities, but at present barbed wire is used very rarely for these purposes. After the invention of Egoza razor wire, which surpassed the usual one in all respects, the only area of application for ordinary barbed wire was its use in agriculture. It is noteworthy that initially barbed wire was invented as a cheap and reliable material for fencing livestock pens in the United States, and only then its use spread to other industries. So we can say that historical justice has triumphed, and the usual barbed wire has taken its rightful place.

Barbed Wire Assortment

Modern industry produces a wide range of barbed wire, which differs from each other in various parameters. The material for the production of barbed wire is usually soft low-carbon steel wire, it is used as a material for the base of barbed wire and for making its spikes. Barbed wire is produced with one or two strands, two-base barbed wire, in turn, can have a different design. Barbed wire with two warps can have different types of twisting of the warps - straight, when the strands of wire are twisted together along the entire length of the barbed wire, and reverse, when the direction of twisting of the warps changes to the opposite at the place where the barbed wire spikes are attached. The winding of the spikes of two-base barbed wire can also differ - in some cases the spikes are wound on one base, in others - on two, in addition, the winding of the spikes can be carried out starting on one of the bases and ending on both.

Another parameter that characterizes barbed wire is the step with which spikes are wound around it. Barbed wire is industrially produced with spacing of thorns, a multiple of one inch or 2.5 cm. Barbed wire is produced with thorns located at a distance of 5; 7.5; 10; 12.5 and 15 cm apart. The increased number of barbed wire spikes increases its effectiveness, but also increases its price.

Barbed wire may also differ depending on the presence of a coating that serves to protect it from the effects of atmospheric factors - rain, snow and other precipitation. Ordinary barbed wire is made from uncoated steel wire, while galvanized barbed wire is made from galvanized steel wire. In addition, the industry produces barbed wire with PVC coating, in this case the barbed wire itself is made of uncoated steel wire, and corrosion protection is provided by a layer of PVC applied to the surface of this product. The PVC coating not only protects the barbed wire from corrosion, but also allows it to be painted in the desired color.

Requirements for Barbed Wire

The main requirements for barbed wire are its strength and durability. Since ordinary barbed wire is made of low-carbon steel, its strength directly depends on the diameter of its warp - the larger the diameter of the warp or warps, the higher the strength of the barbed wire. The durability of barbed wire is ensured by the use of zinc coated steel wire for its production or by applying a protective PVC coating after its manufacture. Another parameter is the strength of the fastening of the spikes to the base, they should not scroll around the base and should not slip along it. In a single-core barbed wire, the absence of slippage is ensured by the use of corrugated steel wire as a base, and the absence of spikes scrolling is ensured by the force of their winding on the base. In two-base barbed wire, both of these parameters are ensured by the design of the barbed wire itself and the method of winding the spikes onto the base.

How to Buy Barbed Wire?

To buy barbed wire, you first need to decide what type of barbed wire you need. For temporary fencing of the territory, it will be enough to buy barbed wire with one base, made without zinc coating, having spikes located at a great distance from each other - this will significantly save on the price of barbed wire. If the barbed wire is bought to create a long-term fence or even a perimeter protection system, the savings can turn out to be more expensive than the cost of buying high-quality barbed wire. In this case, it is better to buy zinc coated barbed wire with two bases or opt for PVC-coated barbed wire. These types of barbed wire will last for many years and will more than pay off the money invested in their purchase.